Daily Prompt: Do you sleep easily?

It is said that habits of childhood are what shapes our lives as adults. Understanding this reasoning from the wisdom of my (yikes) advanced ages, makes you appreciate all the work my parents’ and caregivers’ put in to modulate my sisters’ and my behaviour. But alas, in several departments I was quite the disappointment to my very schedule-oriented and disciplined parents… sleeping and waking up at a set time.

I again (to spell my age would make me sad, but…) see and appreciate the symmetry of disciplining your life such that you go to bed and wake at a certain time consistently to ensure maximum productivity. But I have never been able to slide to sleep smoothly. In my younger days (ok…going to find some synonyms…) I was quite the sportswoman… (well girl…) and after putting a full day that exhausted you both mentally and physically, it was quite possible to slide into sleep with ease.

Later though, probably as an extension of teenage rebellion, I used to sneak past curfew to read books… any and all books that I could get my hands on. This meant that I was often awake into the wee hours of the morning, grabbed a couple of hours of sleep and woke up again to have another go at it all. This continued for years and therefore has set such a strong pattern that changing it about to sleep at the end of a day now at an hour that resembles night more than morning seems neigh impossible.

counting sheep to no avail...

counting sheep to no avail…

Counting hordes (is it hordes for sheep???) of sheep jumping fences, people roulette, to-do lists, music, tv shows, movies are all options I try in vain and then eventually fall into an exhausted sleep that feels hopelessly inadequate when the alarm goes off early in the morning.
The sobering realization  brought about by the presence of my schedule-happy partner who slides into sleep at midnight regardless of the location and is half a dozen hours later , has finally given me another incentive to turn it around for me. Also, having numerous interests, challenges, priorities and responsibilities as balls that have to be kept constantly in motion have made me realize the importance of working with a broad-based and regular schedule that will make all of it a little simpler, and me easier to live with !! 😉 🙂


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