what I believe to be true/ false…

Questions that have a true/ false or black/ white kind of answer gives me some pause for thought. This comes from very rarely seeing things as black or white and routinely in search of the colours in life. :))

I’m puzzling this out and working out if I have some sort of maxims that I believe in as per the subject. Lets have a go then, what say??

Things I believe to be true:
1. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems
2. There is always someone around who cares and wants to help you… never think yourself as alone.
3. Love is a beautiful thing: love of your work, your family, your friend, your partner, your spouse and most importantly- loving yourself.

Things I believe to be false:
1. A sign of respect is to listen and follow to the letter what your peers, elders, bosses, etc. tell you. Mind on hibernate??
2. Be nice to everybody… you never know when you might want their help/ favour. Yikes!! People who are bad for you should be strictly cut off!!
3. Find your life’s one ambition and pursue it steadfastedly. I have found this to be false… develop and pursue multiple passions, you never know when that hobby/ short course you learnt/ social activity you pursued presents a fantastic opportunity.


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