Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer

travel love

travel love


Tolkien famously said, “Not all those who wander are lost”. Nor at the other end of it, do I travel to discover myself. Travelling has been a life-long passion, given an early boost by parents, who due to career boosts and the rare double income, sought to go for bi-yearly jaunts. Whether a holiday spot, a religious tour or an idyllic location, we did it all. Scheduled trips by a school that genuinely sought to broaden its students’ horizons took me across the landscape of India.

This was only furthered in my university period where the very nature of my discipline (architecture) meant multiple trips was not only encouraged but seen as necessary. I have since left my student life and started my career, first working for others and then starting my entrepreneurial journey with my partner.

travel love


We have furthered our travails across our country and made inroads into exploring portions of this amazing world we live in. Each time either we travel or yours truly by myself or another group, we seek to see what is and feel the place, draw it in, into our essence. I remember hearing this somewhere: “A traveller sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”


We are determined to be travellers, and usually travel with a happy attitude to see all that we come across. We rarely make schedules, except a broad idea of all we’d like to see/ do. This gets changed too and we go along to explore something unexpected that comes along, or something we hear about from the local populace. We have always avoided doing planned tours, with every minute written for. I am doubly lucky that I linked my life with one who shares a similar ideology.


How does one travel freely when your wings are clipped?? How do you look forward to seeing when your next view is already planned, staged and choreographed?? Travel is an exploration, of the place, the people and their peculiar local flavour. Understanding that, being lucky to enough sense that comes from taking the blinders off one’s eyes, stepping away from what you know and just experiencing. How is that even possible when you have to watch the clock with one eye, the vistas with one while keeping track of the group mascot with the invisible third eye??

love travel


A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. He is instead there for the journey… and everything that he is going to find. I wish you the same luck.


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