the-girl-effect“It’s only through sheer force and luck that she’s yet to take over the world.” 
― Julia Quinn,


The life of a girl is a wondrous thing. The infinite power she wields is just coming to the fore. She is consumed for those 10 years in understanding it, shaping it and making it her own. But some girls never get this opportunity. Some girls never experience their teenage years as a girl. The world still has lots of people who sees this GIRL as a WOMAN.


It would be dishonest to call my family wealthy, we are part of the large Indian-middle-class. But we (my sister and myself) were wealthy in our parents and grand-parents. We were rich beyond measure because we had the luxury of time. We were allowed to grow with love and support. We went to good schools and received an education. We were encouraged to develop a career and take charge of our lives.

As I have mentioned before, I chose my own partner. So did my sister. Our elders, grappling with our enhanced independence, always looked beyond their experiences to understand our choices. What is admirable is that there was never any pressure to marry early and start a family. The school of thought was always build a career. Attain financial independence first.

I’m a product of my circumstances as much as the next person. The difference is that I had a support system that allowed me be a VICTOR. Not a VICTIM.

girl effect


Unfortunately, for MILLIONS of GIRLS, a life like this is beyond them. Simply because they never get to be a girl, but instead are thrust onto roles of a woman early on.






The Girl effect



We will see a sea change when every girl child gets the opportunity to be educated. Where she is allowed to work. Where she is married and starts a family at the right time.



In places I used to volunteer time to encourage and educate the girl child, we focussed on girls between 15-18. Studies have shown though,  that getting to girls in disadvantaged circumstances by the age of 12 is paramount.


girl effect




Take a small step and educate the help in your home and start the generational change in their families. Speak to your parents, your children, your families, your neighbors (if you speak to them that is!!), your friends, your colleagues and your bosses.








An entire shift in mindset is required to save the girl child. Start with a small step today. If you are involved with charities, NGOs, support groups, volunteer organisations etc. that help the girl child, share this video and spread the word. SHARE this VIDEO.










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