Actions speak louder than Words… BUT WHEN ACTIONS AND WORDS ARE COMBINED?? 
American singer ‪#‎AmandaPalmer‬ crafted a unique response to the ‪#‎DailyMail‬ that delighted to publish an irresponsible write up on her wardrobe malfunction.

Read her response to the mail… SPOILER ALERT: when you come to the video link in her blog, ensure your boss/ employees are not standing over your shoulders… and watch how this brave talented woman stood up for herself.


Thank you Anju Maudgal for the share… want this to go around as far as possible, with more and more women learning to stand up for themselves… in their own individual way. Also not to be over-estimated: the power of humour and laughing at one’s self!!

More power to you Ms. Palmer… I like you. A lot.


tumblr_amanda palmer




I also watched her TED video on The Art of Asking (do watch that if you haven’t ). “It’s about a few people loving you up close, and those people, being enough.” ….”I think people have been obsessed with the wrong Q: How do we make people pay for music? What if we started asking, How do we let people pay for music? ……THANK YOU.” Link given below.






Cheers. g.



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