Inspiration. Action. Perspiration. Reward?? Aah well…

After a very very relaxing and inspiring vacation @Red EarthKabini, I’m very inspired to be back and work on several projects that had been put in cold storage. It is not cool to let self-doubt demotivate yourself. It is not OK to not give yourself  slack (as P.G. Wodehouse’s characters would say- “It’s not quite cricket”) when you’re bogged down by a million things that need your attention.


I today forgive myself for not being super-human to deliver 100/100 towards every dream I nurture… and there are several of them that I want to achieve!! 😉

Yesterday I resolved to take things one at a time that were bogging me down and either get it done or banish it from my life! It was a good start. 2 down… 2 million to go.



Wait you dastardly peak… I’m gonna get there. g.




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