Make way for the new…

Make way for the new...

It’s the first day of a new month. A month that promises to be more exciting than the last. πŸ™‚

In view of my recent resolution to become more organized, I scheduled half of today to clear the decks… files were updated, archived and stored. New files were created for smarter work-flow and immediately filled up. By lunch time… I was feeling quite virtuous. πŸ™‚ I was ably helped in this task by my Admin Manager- a fresh-faced boy with his newly minted BBM degree. Cheers to him.

As an Entrepreneur of a SME, it is a necessary evil to spend time with one’s books, check all accounts and make space for the upcoming projects’ paperwork. Sometimes, we are so caught up with our daily work, that such things fall by the wayside.

By increasingly putting systems in place, effective delegation is becoming possible, that frees up more of my time to focus on business development and planning.

Excited about the month to come!! Stay tuned for updates…


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