get off the starting line…

“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

– Reid Hoffman

get off the starting line...

How often do we procrastinate before we take that step???

  • A new idea??
  • A new business idea??
  • A new product line…
  • A new venture…
  • A space make-over…
  • An image make-over…
  • A new services line…

Are we so obsessed about getting everything right that we miss the bus??

For people like the Husband who get out there and are brave enough to take their lumps that inevitably come with anything new, but also take that step to put-it-out-there in the first place… my CHEERS and RESPECT!!! I’m so very very proud of you my love.

…and a reminder to self… take a chance and put-it-out there!!! Then it can be perfected!!!

Love…. G.

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