Routine or Spontaneity???

As we get more and more busy at work… I’m realising the value of a schedule… even (gasp!) a routine!!! As much as I’d like to buck being a routine-follower and be spontaneous… there is a value of a daily routine. Therein lies a prayer of getting things done… and then choosing to be spontaneous and bucking the system!! (he he!!)


But after the horror that was last week…and the past month… Gita Ramanan…the original routine-rebelis going to follow one!!

Inspiration came from Michael Hyatt’s post on “How to Set Yourself Up for a Productive Day”. Guys…this is a keeper!! Starting with tonight…(why dawdle??)…so wish me luck guys!!

The following are the highlights of his post… to read the complete article go here:

1. Protect my morning routine.
2. Create a to-do list with my top three must-dos.
3. Set up your computer with only the first programs you will need loaded.
4. Set your exercise clothes out. I’m no different than anyone else.
5. Get to bed at a designated time.

So today I get to bed early, get up at the designated time, and as I would have set out my exercise clothes…head to the gym in the morning!! Well, I already fixed morning meetings… so we’ll try that from the day after!!

I already have my Top-5 things to-do!! So gonna rock!!

Cheers… gita.


One thought on “Routine or Spontaneity???

  1. uncanny gita….i was just going to send you this link….when i read it this evening. 🙂 so now we finally see an overwhelmed with excitement gita…coming to a routine gita…wow! Let’s do some trading….coz i am a sucker for routines :(…am sure you know that by now.

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