BNI Education Slot- 04/04/2013. Topic: 1-2-1s.

(to be sung to the tune of Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music)

Let’s start at the very beginning… a very good place to start.

When you read, you begin with A, B, C… in business you begin with TURNOVER. TURNOVER.

The first three words just happen to be… Projected Annual Turnover, Projected Annual Turnover!!

What is your Projected Annual Turnover?


Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. We’re at the start of the financial year and it is the best time to calculate /envision our Projected Annual Turnover as individual business owners. As business owners we always want to know if we are getting the maximum bang for our buck.

We’re going to undertake a small exercise now. There are chits of paper in front of you. Everyone please enter your company’s magic figure: “The Projected Annual Turnover-2013 – 14.”

{R&D Team: please stand up. Please pass the chits with your PAT amount to the nearest R&D Team member, which will then be added up to calculate the total turnover of members of this Chapter.}

As the figures are measured, let me illustrate a small case-study.

D. Mateschitz

In 1987, a man named Dietrich Mateschitz had an idea. That year he sold a few hundred cans. Can anyone guess who I’m talking about??


‘IT GIVES YOU WINGS’- is this company’s famous tagline…

That’s right! RED BULL!!

From that humble beginning, in 2012- its 25th year, Red Bull sold 5.2 billion cans in 165 countries… with an Annual Turnover of 60,000 Cr.

It’s truly a great example of a brilliant sales and marketing strategy and self belief.

1 product- SOLD VERY VERY WELL!!!

We have the figures now!! Let me throw another figure into the mix: Rs. 16 Cr, 32 L, 66,987/-. And what is this figure? That’s right!! It is the total value of Thank-You slips passed by this chapter in the last financial year.

Last year, the total Turnover of the Members of this chapter was _________Cr. We can plainly see therefore that __% of our business as an average comes from BNI.

  • Is this terrible really? No!!
  • As BNI India’s No. 1 Ranked Chapter can we do better though??? Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!
  • And how do we achieve this??
  • What is the 1 biggest, most preferred tools that BNI offers us??

That’s correct. 1-2-1s.


There is clearly a direct connection between the Revenue from BNI and the number of 1-2-1s you do with fellow members. Therefore to give wings to your business this LT is rolling out the 121 BINGO MEGA GAME for the period of the next 6 months. The 121 BINGO sheet looks quite innocuous, like a regular chess board, but has the names of each and every chapter member!! Similar to housie/ tambola, each square is ticked off when a 121 is completed.

BNI Champions 121 BINGO GAME SHEET (2)BNI Champions 121 BINGO GAME SHEET (1)

The prizes up for grabs are:

–        Jaldi 10

–        First row & first column!!

–        Successive rows & columns.

–        AND THE GRAND PRIZE that is TBA… for the member who gets  a FULL HOUSE!!

So, members, strap on your flight safety kit and lead boots. We are going on overdrive this term to launch each of the members’ businesses into the stratosphere… because BNI-Champions gives you 57 wings!!

Thank You !!

P.S. A big thank you to Leena Munot who, as the Chapter MC, encouraged me in my efforts and did the layout of the handout to be given to all members. 🙂 hugs.


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